Monday, March 11, 2013

Alright, so, we suck at blogging.

Blogging takes a lot of time and consideration, and we must confess that we have neglected it horribly since the newest addition to our family was born! Please rest assured, we are still slowly turning over orders and definitely in consistent operation. We're not pumping out the awesome quite as quickly as we were, but things are starting to fall into place slowly but surely!

The best places to find us and keep in touch are:

I&P on FACEBOOK - This is the BEST place to keep up on us. We post a constant trickle of the dreads we're creating, advertise sales, special offers, etsy codes and contests/giveaways, and link up to other awesome dread artists!

I&P on TUMBLR - This is kind of where we've relocated the "blog" aspect. We suck at keeping up over there, too. When we do post though, it's total art porn for your eyes. ;)

I&P on ETSY - If we have any pre-made and Ready-to-ship dreads, this is where you'll find them! Usually this is where we offer custom packages as well. Currently we're not keeping the shop stocked as we can only fill our wait list up to a certain extent before it becomes overwhelming, and we're constantly initiated with emails for custom orders as it is. Please feel free to email us if you're interested in a custom order and don't see what you're looking for! 

Tons of love to all our supporters. We appreciate you so much! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Kicking off Spring with a Logo Contest!

Hey Imp And Petal fans! Sticking to your New Years resolutions? No? Oh well, we'll forgive ya.

I'll just cut right to the chase:

We hit 750 likes on our new facebook page, and as promised we're holding another awesome contest! Anyone is welcome to enter, all you have to do is like our page and get creative designing a new logo for us! Winner receives a FREE custom accent dread kit, plus steep discount codes to more Imp And Petal merch.

We'll be doing small features on EVERY entering artist here on the blog, and the Winner and runner (or maybe runners, depending on how many entries we get) will get slightly longer features, so keep an eye out and discover some new amazing artists.

Details below, good luck to you all!

Imp And Petal is ready for a new look, and we're going to give YOU the chance to design it!


Design a logo for Imp And Petal, working around the guidelines we lay out for you. These can be hand-drawn, computer generated or anything beyond or in between! As long as file sizes are functional for the uses we need them for, anything goes. NOTE: if you chose portrait photography as your medium, please use ONLY Imp And Petal dreads in the image. You will have to get your hands on some by means of your own, we cannot provide them for you for this contest!

Submit a watermarked version of your design. ALL entries will be permanently displayed in a special album on our facebook fanpage, along with the names of each designer and links back to your portfolios or websites! It's good PR whether you win or not. :P

Enjoy everyone's artwork, sit back, and wait for the unveiling! Deadline for entries is April 6th, and votes will be accepted through the weekend. Winners will be announced Monday, April 9th!


Tons of exposure. ALL entries will be displayed with links back to respective artists.

Runners up will get discount codes for Imp And Petal merch and mini interviews and features on the Imp And Petal blog.

One winner will receive a FREE 30 count (15 DE's or 30 SE's) custom accent kit, steep discount codes for Imp And Petal merch, a full feature on the blog, and the right to boast that they designed our new logo!


The fun stuff -

Imp And Petal is not your average synth dread company, and we want our logo to show it. We don't cater primarily to any one genre of dreadsters. In fact, we do a whole lot more than just synth dreads. We can create badass hair and accessories to go with ANYTHING from your meticulously planned Comic Con costume, Summer Festival statement-concepts, Neon club-gear, Off-kilter wedding look, or the Perfect Persona-Enhancing Rock-the-Stage ensemble.

Though the facebook page is largely based around Petal (Kristina) and her dread-work, Imp (Jeff) pops his mischievous head in every so often and creates a line of byzantine jewelry for us, among other things. Head over to the Etsy shop or Imp And Petal blog and get familiar with us if you think it will help inspire. We prefer dreads to play a very major role in the design, but if you think you've got wilder ideas, by all means go for it!

We love edgy, grungy, playfully seductive, colorful, and unique designs. Feel free to use our many galleries for inspiration, and you are always welcome to pick our brains if you have any questions that might help you get inspired.

Bonus points if you use Either of our likenesses to influence your designs. Photos can be provided, if you're having trouble tracking some down.

Basically, we want to see how you view our business through your art, and then we want you to turn up the volume! We want something eye-catching!

You are free to either incorporate our business name in to your design, or leave it to us to work it in. Please do make sure it will fit in seamlessly if you do leave that part up to us!

The tricky stuff -

*Designs should be created in a format/resolution that can easily be resized and retain clarity.

Logo may or may not be used for:

- Etsy banner (760 x 100 pixels)

- Etsy icon (75 x 75 pixels)

- FB Header/Icon

- Business cards

- Letter Heads

- Blog Header

- Web Buttons

- Other Promotional Materials. Ideally, I would love to be able to blow it up to at least an nice clear 8x10 in the event of using a booth-banner.

*Designs should also be bold and simple enough to pack a (recognizable!) punch as icons for Facebook and Etsy. If you'd like to create separate but cohesive designs, or even just use specific elements of your original design for these, please feel free!

The legal stuff -

By submitting designs you are relinquishing any rights to use them elsewhere.

You will of course retain rights of use for your personal portfolios, and if in the event you are NOT the winner of this competition and would like permission to use your design in a different way, I am definitely open to discussion on what changes could be made to allow us both to be comfortable and happy!

The winning logo will for all intents and purposes belong to Imp And Petal indefinitely.


1. Make sure you've 'liked' Imp And Petal on facebook

2. Email a watermarked version of your design to ImpAndPetal [at], including your full name & business name (if you have one), and a link to galleries or a place we can view more of your art! Please let us know if you're willing to alter your design if it's "almost perfect" for us, or if it's a done deal.

3. Wait for us to upload your entry into a special album on our page, and then make sure all your friends know about it!

'Likes' on your entries count as votes. We reserve the right to have final say in the choosing of our design, but one runner up will be determined by People's Choice!

Good luck and have fun, everyone!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!!

How was everyone's Grand Finale to 2011?!

Here behind the scenes of Imp And Petal we had an absolutely perfect couple of months. Babies make the holidays so much more fun!
We wrapped up the year with a handful of gorgeous pre-made accent dread kits, each of which went to a very loving home! The Etsy shop is up and running again, though slots for custom designs are still popping up one at a time. If you're interested in snagging one of these as they open up, like us on facebook for to-the-minute notifications!

We're entering 2012 with hopes of doing a complete business overhaul, streamlining options and fleshing out information. A very exclusive series of designs will be released this year, as we are focusing more on quality than quantity. It's sure to be a spectacular year, and we invite all of you to keep in touch and tell us how we can serve you to the fullest!!

We love all of you, and hope your year gets off to the smoothest of beginnings!

Happy 2012

Monday, June 27, 2011


helloooo everyone! For those of us on this side of the globe it's just about festival season. I hope everyone is planning epic adventures that involve equally epic hair!

Our new addition, Baby Logan, joined us on April 25th, and we have been taking it easy and enjoying him since! It's been amazing watching him grow so quickly. Mama's very excited to be easing back in to work, for sure.

Keep an eye on Etsy and our Facebook page to grab pre-made dread kits and custom slots as they open up!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hello, Imp and Petal fans!

Spring is right around the corner, and with that comes many new things!

First and foremost, our latest addition to the I&P fam will be joining us in May in the form of a hopefully happy and healthy little baby boy. We are sooooo excited!
Imp has been working sooo hard at transforming the studio into a nursery-themed shared space where Mama and baby can co-exist for the next year, and he's doing a gorgeous job. :D

In business-related news, Imp And Petal is completely booked up through may for custom dread orders. We apologize for any inconvenience this brings you guys, but our awesomeness unfortunately brings on high demand. :P We will be filling these orders, and then taking a short break while we feel out the changes of new parenting. When free time eases up just a little, we'll be taking on custom orders again on a case-by-case basis. The VERY BEST way to snag a spot while its open is to keep a close watch on our facebook fan page!
Hopefully we should be taking on new orders by July.

Meanwhile, we hope to come up with a few super fun pre-made options for your purchasing pleasures to tide you dread-junkies over. Keep checking out the Etsy shop for new stuff!

Also, check out the latest Imp And Petal Photo Shoot (teaser pictured above) on the Facebook page!