Monday, March 11, 2013

Alright, so, we suck at blogging.

Blogging takes a lot of time and consideration, and we must confess that we have neglected it horribly since the newest addition to our family was born! Please rest assured, we are still slowly turning over orders and definitely in consistent operation. We're not pumping out the awesome quite as quickly as we were, but things are starting to fall into place slowly but surely!

The best places to find us and keep in touch are:

I&P on FACEBOOK - This is the BEST place to keep up on us. We post a constant trickle of the dreads we're creating, advertise sales, special offers, etsy codes and contests/giveaways, and link up to other awesome dread artists!

I&P on TUMBLR - This is kind of where we've relocated the "blog" aspect. We suck at keeping up over there, too. When we do post though, it's total art porn for your eyes. ;)

I&P on ETSY - If we have any pre-made and Ready-to-ship dreads, this is where you'll find them! Usually this is where we offer custom packages as well. Currently we're not keeping the shop stocked as we can only fill our wait list up to a certain extent before it becomes overwhelming, and we're constantly initiated with emails for custom orders as it is. Please feel free to email us if you're interested in a custom order and don't see what you're looking for! 

Tons of love to all our supporters. We appreciate you so much! 

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