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Featured Esty Artist: ArtworkSW

ArtworkSW on

I'd seen her work around etsy and always liked it, but after spending a few minutes discovering new creative thrills in the same Etsy Chat as this pacific northwestern artist, I knew exactly who I wanted to feature next. Sharon's work pulls from that classic theory of contrast, the simple light vs. dark of a black ink sketch on a clean white canvas. It's fantastic!

Her biggest claim to fame is her printed greeting cards. These are lovely, because they make it possible to send someone special a true work of art for the reasonable price of $3.00, as well as the option of filling the blank interior with messages of love.

Here's what the artist had to say when we asked her a few questions:

1. Who's idea was it to start selling on Etsy?
Someone I met at a craft show in downtown Seattle, Etsy seller kneehighsnpigtail), who soon became a friend of mine told me about Etsy. I asked her how well she did on Etsy, and to my surprise, she does quite well. I became very excited about the website and decided I'd try to sell my work on there. I don't make much more than lunch money on Etsy, but it's fun regardless.

2. What are some of your goals for your shop?
Goals for my shop include fusing some new and different art pieces into it. I've recently added some new mixed media cards that were really fun to make. I also do several other arts and crafts on the side. I'm not sure yet whether I want to open a second shop for all my do-dads, or just mix them in my current shop.

3. What inspires you?
There are several things that inspire me, or rather push me to continuously produce more works of art. Inspirations for my subject matter comes from the beautiful scenery of Washington, where I live my little life. I also get inspiration from magazines, picture books, the TV of all places lol. What presses me to continue drawing is the fact that I immerse myself into it. When I'm stressed at work, coming home to draw takes so much of that stress away. I can just absorb myself into my work. I literally find myself humming after I get into my artwork (totally a knee-jerk reaction).

4. What do you thinks has been the biggest challenge with starting a business online?
The biggest challenge for me starting my business online is the work that goes into posting just one listing! My goodness. First you take a photo of your work. Then you upload it to the computer. Then you edit the photos to reduce blurriness, and adjust your contrast, and edit your pixel size. After that you go through the steps of listing your item, adding tags and descriptions. Finally, after all of that, your $3 card is posted. Can you say "WOW"?

5. Top 5 Favorite Etsy shops?
Kneehighsnpigtails who was there to get me going and show me the ropes.
Artflair is a favorite shop of mine as well. Artflair has very similar artwork to mine, but unique in its own way as well.
Murwati holds a special place in my heart. She has great little hand made purses and is such a fun person to chat with.
Mamamonkey has a wonderful shop full of baby onesies. She is someone I met in chat and found out lived just down the street from me. We ended up going to the same art show a little later on. And my final pick would have to be...
OakHillDesigns. I've never chatted with this seller, but recently ordered a stamped metal keychain that was unbelievably perfect! It will be a birthday gift for my husband this next month. He is going to love it.

6. Anything else you'd like to add?
Overall, Etsy has been a fun showcase for my work. I enjoy being able to log in, go to the chatroom and be able to talk about whatever is on my mind. Most of the people have been so helpful and fun. I've found some really good deals on Etsy, and some great craftsmanship. My wedding jewelry I had made by and Etsy seller, and my bridesmaids still wear their gifts very often. I do hope sales pick up a bit more for my shop, but I don't complain. I'm so excited when I get to mail my work to Canada, or even far places of the US. I love knowing my art is all over the place. I am currently 23. My next goal is to go to school for helicopter pilot training. My dad loves the idea and told me just last night that when I own my own helicopter, I should put huge graphic decals of my art on my chopper. I am totally all for his idea.

Thanks so much for featuring me and getting to know a little more about the girl behind the art. Please continue to visit my shop to explore all the new things I'm always creating.

-Sharon @

Thank YOU, Sharon!

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