Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back in Business!

Imp And Petal is BACK IN BUSINESS for 2011!

We know you missed us. :P

The Etsy shop is once again up and running, and our Facebook Page has many more members and is becoming much more interactive!

You may have noticed a few changes, and we'd like to explain them here.
First, our shipping prices have gone up, both locally and internationally. We decided to do this firstly because we are now taking further precautions with our packaging, to avoid any future mishaps with what I'm going to unceremoniously refer to as the Not at all Careful Postal Service.
Also, customs checks in and out of the US have been upped considerably, and since we sell an uncommon and usually shaped product it seems packages of this nature are more likely to be targeted for customs searches. To minimize any confusion, we're going to start exclusively using USPS issued packaging, which while free to use often weighs in a little higher.
We apologize for any inconvenience this might be to our clients, but are hoping it will be worth it in the long run with quicker shipping times and a product that arrives in pristine condition!

Another thing we've tweaked slightly is the package deal for dread kits. We've put a few limitations on "special effects" dreads included, and are now offering an unlimited amount of blended dreads (within the color allotment) at no extra charge! We are also considering writing up some different package deals including different styles of dreads, to make narrowing down exactly what you're looking for a little bit easier. :P

On the list of To-Do's for January/February:

  • Filming our OWN instructional installation and other how-to videos, and offering them in DVD format to purchase if you wish. Links to web-based videos will still of course be free of charge!
  • More pre-made falls and accent kits
  • Cyberlox Falls!
  • Updating our color charts to include the SWEET new selections from IKS
  • ...and of course, doing anything we can to keep our fans stylin' and happy. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for us!!!

Hope everyone had a great holiday,
now let's start rocking 2011 in style!!!

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