Monday, February 15, 2010

Imp's Rainy Sunday

The way Imp spent this past rainy Sunday, was in the garage at his pottery station overlooking the Siskiyou mountains. I love it when he gets all creative!

I decided it was a good idea to snap some pictures before I headed off to work at the Salon. He was a little shy with me poking the camera in and around all his business, and kept making stupid faces every time I got one of him explaining his various designs.

I'm particularly fond of his faces. Yes, that's right. Faces.

He'd write all this himself but apparently he's allergic to the internet.

He's cute, isn't he? ^_^ I can't wait until he feels comfortable enough to start producing a line of pottery for Imp & Petal! How much fun would that be?!

Happy crafting everyone, and keep your fingers crossed that this nasty cold I've got is over and done with by the time my weekend ends on Wednesday morning! PLEASE!

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