Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Shmalentine

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I hate Valentines Day. I used to have a very non-PG way of referring to it.
The Hubs proposed to me on February 12th of 2008, so we decided early on that we were simply going to forget Valentines Day even exists at all and treat the 12th as our special (less pink and more moderate) day. Yesterday evening I called him late and asked what we were planning on doing that evening.

His answer?

"I thought you could make dinner and then we'd work on our taxes."

Needless to say, I was not only frustrated but totally bummed out that he'd forgotten. I grumpily hung up the phone and went back to work, and decided to just let it go, because I was too tired to even be upset.

When I got home, someone had realized their mistake and had tried to make up for it with chocolates and a steak dinner. I was still giving him the evil eye a bit until he pulled out "my real surprise" from behind his back: The Sound Of Music on DVD. That's how awesome my husband is. He'll go through the checkout line with the cute girl in it and buy The Sound of Music. Awesome.

He's sooooo forgiven, and it's taking every inch of will power not to each chocolate before work.

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