Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Featured Artist - StiffAndStuffed on Etsy

Stiff And Stuffed @ Esty.com

I have no idea how I stumbled upon this fabulous shop, but one day I did, and it makes me giggle with glee every time I wander over there. The shop is based in Covilhã, Portugal, and is owned and operated by Carolina Saraiva and Luís Nogueira. The couple combine talents to create a fantastic blend of bright, edgy designs and painstaking attention to detail. What an undiscovered gem!

I was roped in initially by Carolina's DELIGHTFUL mini felt plushies, which combine cute and creepy in the most inventive of ways. Each little character has it's very own name and personality defined in the description, and almost all of them can be customized to your needs for use as a pin, keychain, or probably whatever else you can wrap your warped little minds around! They're the exactly the right price and size for a prize-winning gift that's sure to bring a smile to your favorite freaky friend. Genius, really.

This is Mrs. Bowie. She apparently is rather fond of her giant bow. I am too.

This is Mr. Scarfthingy. A lover of winter-wear and plugging himself in to things.

After squealing repeatedly and pouting a bit when I got to the bottom of a too-short listing of plushies, I fell in love and awe all over again with the absolutely breathtaking sculpture art of Luís Nogueira. Seriously, areyoufreakinkiddingme?! I was instantly hollering at Imp and pestering him to come see. He's a harsh critic, but his eyes widened in admiration. It was well worth the effort pestering took! ^_^
There's not much I can really add, the sculptures definitely speak for themselves. Mixed media, and what looks like a lot of clay. Incredible! So far there are only a few listed, but I bet if we show these two a little love, they'll both shower us with their crafts! Communication is super prompt, and I'm sure any questions asked would be easily answered. These guys are so much fun to talk to!

I had a few questions for them, here's a peek at what they had to say:

1. Who's idea was it to start selling on Etsy?
Hmm I guess it was my idea (Luís), I've always had this crazy idea of "going global", get out there you know?

2. What are some of your goals for Stiff & Stuffed?
Ah an easy one, world domination! No, seriously. That includes us making enough cash to move in and live together, but all for the greater good of love making.

3. What inspires you?
Carolina looked at me and said something I can only translate as "Yoooooooooou!", and I have to admit she is my utmost inspiration as well. Our relationship is a big part of how we run our shop and where we choose go with it, it is indeed a business made of love.

Oh, and animals. We're animal freaks, we love anything that moves, breathes and has a belly.
Not the mailman though.

4. What do you thinks has been the biggest challenge with starting a business online?
I believe the biggest set back so far is getting over a major problem of scale. We're just 2 people living in a relatively small country trying to run our happy and goofy (but serious) business. Getting the word out there is indeed the toughest part, telling the world we exist. Going outside and getting on people's faces only works to a certain point eh?

5. Top 5 Favorite Etsy shops?

6. Anything else you'd like to add?
We like turtles!

All in all, this is such a fabulous shop, carefully carved into existence by a couple of fabulous people. Check 'em out!!

SHOP: www.StiffAndStuffed.etsy.com
TWITTER: www.twitter.com/StiffAndStuffed
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/StiffAndStuffed
http://arcanebolt.deviantart.com - Luís'
http://pinkahpow.deviantart.com - Carolina's


  1. Nice feature!
    love the Zeebra :)

  2. Thanks Brandon!
    It wasn't hard to write a good feature, they're pretty amazing without my help!