Saturday, March 6, 2010

I am so mad at myself for not taking a screen shot of our last treasury before it expired. :( It was easily the most lovely of all of them. I guess though, as with nature, the most delicate and beautiful of things lose their mystery when trapped in time forever, probably better that it faded away. At least I can always think back on it fondly!

Things are in the making here in the studio! I'm pushing the Impster to write up a few blog posts (we need to get him a computer of his own, any suggestions?) and also hounding him to design some sassy wedding jewelry for our new line, hopefully hitting the Etsy "shelves" in May! If it does well, we'll eventually open up a separate shop which will be completely wedding related. (In case I needed another excuse to ooh and ahh like the girl I am).

One the menu for Spring/Summer 2010:

Wedding Line
* Hand sewn BRIDAL VEILS
* Unique Bridal-inspired SYNTH DREAD, WOOL and RIBBON FALLS
* Funky GlamRock JEWELRY for offbeat brides and bridesmaids
* Faux floral & feather BRIDAL BOUQUETS for brides on a budget

Street Wear
* Tons more Ready To Ship EXTENSION KITS and ACCENTS
* Crocheted BAGS, TOTES, and POUCHES
* Byzantine and Wire-wrapped JEWELRY

For the Home

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