Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Imp and Petal THE BLOG is back in business! We FINALLY got Petal's computer replaced, and seeing as she's the heart and soul (and more importantly the engine) of this little operation, we plan to get this baby back off the ground in the next few weeks. Who's excited?!

What's New at Imp & Petal?

The unfortunate demise of the wedding line.
Things got crazy around here for a little while, and if you'll recall one of our previous updates we were going to try and branch out in to a wedding line. Sadly that didn't pan out as planned this year, but there is definitely hope for the future!! If of course you have any special occasions which require an out of the box accessory, please as always feel free to contact us with your design ideas and we can surely come up with something amazing for you!

The madness for extensions!
While our hopes and dreams of ribbons and lace fizzled to a pause, our synthetic and wool dread extension kits have taken the world by storm!! We are currently offering a wide variety of options, from snuggly soft hand dyed wool pieces, to rainbow wrapped synthetic dreads. We excel in a number of special effects (candy stripes, chunky blends, naturals, knotty wraps, harlequins and swirled transitionals) as well as being skilled in the arts of both Single and Double Ended Dreads. Our color chart includes over 75 natural, unnatural and even UV shades to choose from, with endless options for custom hand-blended colors. We are also now offering pre-made braided extensions as well, hot water sealed for softness with ends sealed with a professional braid sealer. Custom orders are gladly welcomed, drop us a line!!

Dreads on Parade
. Imp & Petal have been asked to create some Independence themed synth dreads for the local 4th of July Parade in Ashland, Oregon!! Super cool!!

Don't forget to add K. Smith Hair Design on facebook for special deals and to-the-minute updates on what we're up to!! Thanks for checking in!

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