Saturday, July 17, 2010

Imp And Petal Dread Raffle!!

Had your eye on an Imp and Petal dread kit for a while, but can't quite manage to part with needed cashola? Coming soon will be your chance to scored a full customized kit OR a surprise accent kit for under $10!!

"But when, Petal? when?"

In order to hold a raffle, we need enough interested folks to participate, and I need to make enough money with tickets to cover the cost of materials for both winners. That means it's your job to spread the word and tell your friends about IMP AND PETAL!
What we're looking for is 100 blog followers or 200 facebook fans, whichever hits the mark first.
As soon as the scale tips, we'll be posting raffle details. Already sporting Imp and Petal gear? You have DOUBLE the chance of winning at no extra cost! Stay tuned for deets!

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