Friday, September 3, 2010

Let the games begin!

We’ve reached our 200 fan goal on face book and to celebrate we’re doing a huge wool/synthetic dread giveaway! There are a number of ways to enter (some of which are super easy and totally free!!) so really, if you love our dreads you have absolutely no excuse to miss out. ^_^

Drawing will be held on Halloween (October 31st) 2010 at 10:00pm EST
You may enter as many times as you like, unless otherwise noted next to method of entry.

Entry is open worldwide. Imp And Petal will cover shipping costs up to $15. If your shipping needs exceed this limit, we will ask that you make up the difference.

One Grand Prize Winner will receive a full custom Imp And Petal dread kit up to 20”/22” in length. ANY amount of colors. ANY special effects. ANY style. (Dread count within reason for the style/thickness desired, please). ($250+ value)

One First Place Winner will receive a Surprise Accent Kit. 20 count, you can give us a short list of your likes/dislikes and we’ll create something totally one of a kind for you. ($45+ value)

One Runner Up will receive a 5 count SE accent kit. You choose warm, cool, or natural light or dark colors.

The more entries we get, the more prizes we’ll be able to add! Share the love!

1. Tell us you love us. Yep, it really is that simple! If you’ve ever bought dreads from us, please leave us your feedback here:
You will need to make an account, but this forum is super fun and if you’re a dread lover on any level, you’ll really enjoy it! (Please, of course, read the rules and be polite. Or I will hunt you down). This can only be done once and will earn you one entry.

2. Send us your show offs! For each high quality photo you send us of you rockin’ your Imp And Petal dreads, you’ll get one entry in the drawing. We will accept up to three of each separate kit, and all pictures have to be NEW and exciting! +1 for pictures with“ I <3 Imp And Petal” salutes! Seriously girls, I’m telling you to cam whore for free dreads. No excuses for not entering!

3. Cyber-whore (read: “blog about“) us. If you’ve got at least 20 blog followers, you can earn 5 giveaway entries by writing about us in your blog! Extra points for reviews, interviews, photos and general awesomeness. If you would like to include pictures, please let us know which ones so we can send you a watermarked version. Time has run out for this method of entry!

4. Place an Order. For every $10 you spend creating awesome hair with us between now and October 31st, we’ll give you one entry! (That’s 17 entries for a Medium Length Kit!).

5. Donate to our “starving artists” fund.
Donate $2.00 and we will thank you with 1 entry
Donate $5.00 and we with thank you with 3 entries
Donate $8.00 and we will thank you with 5 entries
Donate $15.00 and we will thank you with 10 entries
[Any money donated to this event will go *ONLY* towards covering material costs for it’s prizes. More entries = More Creativity + More Winners = More Squee!!


For FREE methods of entry: please make sure you email to let us know you‘ve left feedback or to send us your photos, and include your FULL NAME and email address. If you rarely check your email, please give us your phone number or some other way to contact you if you’ve won!

To make a Donation to the art fund:
Donations can be made in person by swinging by the Plaza Salon And Spa or Hair City in Ashland and dropping off an envelope addressed to “Kristy Smith”. Cash only please! Don’t forget to leave a note with your FULL NAME and email address or phone number!!

These may also be sent through the mail at your own risk, I suggest well concealing any cash sent through the postal system, and claim no responsibility for lost or stolen letters.

For non-locals (or lazy-asses), simply donate to our “starving artists” fund via the handy dandy button at and we will happily show our thanks with the appropriate number of entries in our drawing. If you would indeed like us to enter you as a thank you, email us separately from the same address used to donate, (so we know it’s you!) and include all the needed information. Donation is of course open to anyone, any time, for whatever reason moves you, as are Winco gift cards. :P

Good luck, everyone!!

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  1. dang, how i managed to miss this, i don't know! LOL! I've only been checking out your site regularly for the past week!