Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Giveaway went amazingly, thank you to everyone who participated, we had soooo much fun!!! Congrats to Jean Fenske, Pretty Dreadful, Megan Gibson and Shay Winter on their wins!

Imp And Petal (as some of you may have already noticed) has quietly shut it's doors for the holidays this year. The reasons are good ones, though, not to fear! We're expecting a tiny addition to our family come May, and wanted to slow down a little and enjoy this busy time of year stress free, give ourselves some time to adjust, and catch up on the end of our custom orders. You guys have kept me so fantastically busy with dread kits I almost couldn't stay on top of them all!

We'll be reopening our Etsy shop and opening our arms for new custom orders the first week in January, and slots will be filling up FAST. Please have your order and deposit ready to go if you want to be the first in the door!

I'll also be spending more time making pre-made dread falls and accent kits, because I'm dying for some creative control, so keep an eye out!

Hope all of you have a GREAT holiday season, and we'll see you next year!!!

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